2011 Predictions

At this stage of the year, every fan from every club is full of hope and optimism.   This year could be the year.  Realistically of course there are only a handful of teams that are genuine contenders for the title.  Of course, we know that the Wests Tigers are building for a very special year in 2011 – we know we’ll win.  But which team will we defeat in the Grand Final?  Which other teams will finish at the pointy end of the table?  And who will bring up the rear?

There are no “wise men” at the cyber-offices of Brisbane Wests Tigers Fans, so for the purposes of this post and to kick-start a light-hearted discussion, we have compiled the opinions and prejudices of this website’s main authors – The Three Wise-Asses.  Here’s what they reckon:



A) Wooden Spoon Winner: Cowboys

B) The Top 8:
– 1: Wests Tigers
– 2: Dragons
– 3: Storm
– 4: Warriors
– 5: Eagles
– 6: Panthers
– 7: Roosters
– 8: Titans

C) Grand Final Teams: Wests Tigers and Dragons.

D) Grand Final Winner: Wests Tigers by 13. Man of the Match G. Ellis.



A) Wooden Spoon Winner: Eels

B) The Top 8:
– 1: Dragons – Most boring team in the competition, their opponents defence will go to “sleep”.  Will bore they way to a minor premiership.  Knocked out in the finals by no doze.
– 2: Wests Tigers – Side that knows they can win, plenty of depth, and will be desperate after falling short in the finals series 2010.
– 3: Bulldogs – Recruited wisely in the off season, and have a habit of bouncing from one end of the ladder to the other in subsequent seasons.
– 4: Panthers – Seem to be a happy club, I don’t know why they win but they won a few last year so surely can back this up again this year.
– 5: Storm – Will have the resourceful Bellamy to bring through the young fellas, Melbourne have a way of developing talent that most teams (read Bulldogs) would be envious of.  Playing for nothing in 2010 should fire the boys up.  However they will have no impact in the finals.
– 6: Rabbits – If they don’t get stripped of points due to salary cap the Rabbits should give it a good crack.  With the forward pack they possess, surely they can hide Sandow.  Inglis will not make an impact due to poor service, and he isn’t the type of player to go find the ball.
– 7: Warriors – Gotta be a chance bro.  The Warriors are winning at home more often then not, made a few terrific buys and will give the comp a real shake.  Expect to see them in the semi – finals against Souths.  It will be a bash-athon until the Warriors throw a loose pass which is picked up by the Rabbitohs for a match sealing try.  Heart break for the lads across the ditch.
– 8: Raiders – Now that the Raiders have lost their close association with the guide dogs, they can focus on bringing through a very talented youthful team.  The addition of the Ox whilst slow and a choker, will provide strong direction for the younger players and will definitely set a high standard of professionalism within the squad.  Dugan surely must get a sky blue jersey with a good first half of the season.

C) Grand Final Teams: Wests Tigers and Rabbits.

D) Grand Final Winner: Wests Tigers.  Robbie Farah for Dally M and Tim Moltzen for Clive Churchill.



A) Wooden Spoon Winner: Sharks

B) The Top 8:
– 1: Bulldogs
– 2: Wests Tigers
– 3: Dragons
– 4: Broncos
– 5: Roosters
– 6: Raiders
– 7: Panthers
– 8: Warriors

C) Grand Final Teams: Wests Tigers and Bulldogs.

D) Grand Final Winner: Wests Tigers.  13-12, with Benji Marshall scoring all the points for the winners.

How accurate do you think these predictions are?  Have you got a better handle on reality than these lunatics?  Head to the facebook page to join the discussion and add your two cents.  We’d love to hear from you!

<^OneEyed Tiger^>

Welcome 2011

In the words of the ol cricket lovers… “yes welcome back”, and welcome back it really is, not to the cricket but to the Rugby League trials and soon to come the start of the NRL season. Oh can’t wait.

The brisbane wests tigers Fans site returns, looking to avoid the second year syndrome that regularly afflicts those that bust into first grade…. but with a long, wet summer under the belts, a few BBQ’s and getting cained in the cricket we feel that our off season preparations have been nothing short of inadequate, but we will soldier on!

One Eyed Tiger, after losing a mint on his, well one eyed footy bets has secured corporate sponsorship for our first season of fantasy footy. Should be fantastic stuff, I have heard whispers of what the first prize may be, although we had discussions with Proton we let them go through to the keeper (probably Roosters) over summer, and now have a fantastic family owned business GRASS ROOTS fans sponsoring the comp. I will leave more details to One Eyed Tiger to let you all know.

Tiger Brad – well I would like to report the Tiger sleeps tonight, but that is not the case. Tiger Brad, affectionately known as the Editor in Briefs is back! After sand bagging his jersey closet, Tiger Brad was out amongst it helping friends and family with the floods and giving Robbie a boost onto the roof to clean out gutters. Tiger Brad successfully assisted me avoid getting sued by a player we will just call him JT. I look forward to more of TB’s contributions throughout the year and late, drunk texts looking for answers!

Tiger Brad, I don’t have the answers to why there wasn’t a penalty when Lote was kneed in the back, and I won’t drive you to KFC for a feed at 9:30pm!

Well for me, Flanno Fan, I kept quiet, strong off season on the weights, plenty of cardio work and some great endurance sessions…. I offset this by eating chips on the couch, drinking in the evenings and discovering a new cocktail I call the Tiger Bite (my wife calls it “The Bed Wetter”) as with the lawsuit we will leave it at that!

Happily our family of brisbane wests tigers fans has grown to over 100! How fantastic is that. Remember to hit the contact us page to add your email so you can get direct info on the latest events. Don’t worry there is no spam except in the pantry on off pay week.  If your interested in writing an article occasionally or anything else, please shoot us an email we are more than happy to open the site up all Brissy fans.

Last season we also made great friends with Ben Grace and the Queensland Wests Tigers Fans in, look them up on Facebook. Great peeps (as you would expect) and this year hopefully we can do alot more stuff with them.

Finally, keep in mind our main man, Tuiaki, aka TNT, our much loved winger who has reluctantly entered retirement. Hopefully will be remembered as one of the Tiger’s great wingers and the talk around the bar late at night will be of what could have been.

So, as they say “WELCOME BACK” we look forward to a huge season from the boys and enjoying our footy with you all.


Flanno Fan