The Starting 17 – Bye Bye Bye‏

uncategorizedLadies And Gents, we are quickly making our way through the 2013 season. And as that all exciting State of Origin starts to loom in our minds, we also must take consideration to Bye Rounds, as professional coaches of Fantasy NRL teams. This week is part one of my ‘Bye Buster’ series.

The Scrum

So despite the fact that we are only now entering Round 8, I think that for here on out you really need to be thinking about how you intend to play out the Bye Rounds. Not only is it important for those of us that are trying for overall glory, but it could also prove to be a turning point for your H2H team.

With the ability to make an extra trade in Rounds 12, 15, 18 and 19 it is possible that you could turn those two 2RF cashies into say a Robbie Farah, or whatever suits your team best.

However I do urge you to be responsible when using your trades. If you’re a bit reckless, it is possible to consume a massive 20 trades from weeks 12-19.

So with this in mind, you could be doing yourself a huge favour by thinking about the byes when looking to bring in new players. Think about when said player will miss games, if that will hurt you, but also if you see that player having long term DT potential. Don’t forget that with the Origin period we will see many cash cows come to light as well. So if you missed any of the current cash cows, don’t be too concerned.

Next week I will have a look at what teams present good and bad bye options.

Cheers for now,