The Starting 17 – Sladie’s back, back again…‏

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My intro may have been silly, but not as silly as some of the Trading strategies I’ve seen out in the world of DT over the last few weeks. So just like Lote will be our saviour in Round 21, I thought it was time to be your saviour and provide another article of The Starting 17. As a side note, rest assured that I will be providing you with more regular articles towards the business end of the season.

First of all, I want you to coduct a trades health check. Trades become vital at this time of the season, and you must be vigilant as to how they are spent. As I have stated last year, you really need at least four trades for the DT finals to be able to maintain a competitive team. Add in that we still have four H2H rounds (and six actual rounds) until the finals, there is still a lot of chances for a player to get injured. So if you have less than say six trades, be very careful as to how you spend them over the coming weeks.

A general note on trading while I’m at it. Now is the time where you should be looking to either cash out your cash cows to gun players, offload poor performers, or bring in Non Playing Reserves. There just isn’t enough rounds left in the comp to be worrying about the cash cows floating around. And don’t be afraid to reduce the number of active players in your squad either, if all they’re doing is warming a bench spot.

Now, I have some cracking questions this week to answer. So I think it’s time to get stuck in!


‘What the hell should I do with my back three? I have Slater, Gordon and Nofo.’ – Brad W

It’s been an interesting year for the WFB position. Last year showed some real solid performers in the area, and it just hasnt continued this year. Inglis has been arguably your best, Gordon seems to ve fighting injury and has been inconsistent, as all others have been.

Dugan seems to have a new lease on life after his switch to the Dragons and has been performing solidly. Right now, he looks to be the go to player. But I’d prefer to wait until post Origin if you can. He is a touch injury prone.

Nofo is as much of a keeper as any other option right now. Slater is ok, but are there bigger concerns in your team? I’d suggest going for Inglis, Dugan, Gordon/Nofo, or even Corey Norman or Josh Hoffman for a point of difference.

‘Which Half is better for the Run home: A Reynolds or Mullen?’ – Joshua M

After scoring one of his best DT scores ever last week, Mullen seems to be a viable option for a lot of teams this week.Mullen is frustrating as all hell as a DT coach. Each year he has a period where he shows genuine promise, and then will peak out. He is solid and will more often than not give you 40’s each week, but to expect last week’s 76 to be repeated is just downright silly. Fact is, The titans were absolutely woeful. The knights are not often going to put 42 odd points on an opponent. In addition, the Knights are NSW’s answer to the Cowboys. Both are teams that just seem to leave their capa to win at home when they hit the road. Reynolds has greater capacity to hit big scores without needing massive wins, and is kicking damn well at the moment. With the Souths looking like genuine title contenders this year, I’d suggest Reynolds over Mullen.

‘Who is a better replacement for Idris, Jennings or Hurrell?’ – Joshua M

Idris’s injury last round definitely stirred things up in DT land. Just like the WFB slot, there has not been a whole lot of stand out performers in the area this year.

Jennings and Hurrell are both players that are excitement machines in DT. Both love their tackle breaks, score tries fairly regularly and are capable of very decent scores. The one concern I have is whether not the Warriors’ current form will continue right through to the finals. They’re such a confidence team and Hurrell is the epitome of the team in that regard. When they go well he does too.

However the Warriors run will come to an end sooner or later. And right now, Jennings is cheaper, and more likely (in my mind) to be pushing the limits each week to try and get the Roosters into the Finals. What happens to Hurrell’s scores when the Warriors drop some games? Only time will tell, but my money is on Jennings to be the better buy for your team.

That is it for this week guys and girls, hope you have enjoyed this Starting 17.