An Open Letter to Grant Mayer

Dear Grant

Let me preface this by saying that I hate the idea of writing an ‘open letter’. More often than not the intended recipient won’t bother reading, and if they do they certainly won’t admit it. You implore Wests Tigers fans to look to the future. You tell us to only hold you accountable for decisions that were made “on your watch”. That’s fair – and there’s no doubt mistakes were made before you jumped on the hand grenade at Camp Concord – but we’re tired mate, bloody tired.

Excitement has been replaced by embarrassment. Amazement has made way for apathy. Our ‘Eye of the Tiger’ is more Katy Perry than Survivor. This is not a process that began “on your watch”, but unfortunately it has continued. The Blair fiasco drew friendly fire from Fifita, Gibbs, Heighno and Ryan. The Sheens situation has only just been resolved. Benji went to the Blues and Robbie went to the shrink. Before that we had Field and Buddha taking drugs, and Hoppa taking liberties. Not all of these dramas played out “on your watch” – but they all happened – and they all took their toll on an already volatile fan base.

Some will scream and shout, telling us there’s more to life than sport. But what if the Wests Tigers are an important part of your life? As fans we invest an incredible amount in our club, both monetarily and mentally. Some of us take it a step further – shameless plug for – but every fan has a limit. I’ve reached mine, and I feel let down. Let down by you, the board, the players, the marketing team. Everyone. Please don’t point us in the direction of the medical ward. A mounting injury toll is no excuse for organisational anarchy. Wests Tigers fans want something to smile about – something more than the promise of potential.