I committed tipping suicide…..now I pay.

Dear Laurie, who art in heaven holy be his name.
“Yes my lost Tiger fan, speak your confession”
“Laurie, today I tipped against the Tigers”
Now Laurie drops the line and I am alone. Except for the synchronous chant of all others in this household tipping comp chastising my decisions and question my loyalty and price tag for a sell out.

So much so, a Roosters membership link was sent to me.

I beg the question, is tipping against ones side wrong? Am I a fool?

Laurie, please pick up the phone, or come back to our blog (we know you’re an avid reader) and here my justification.
Quite frankly Laurie, I simply have the shits.

For weeks I have watched Sterlo, Matty Johns, even listened to Tallis spew his thoughts on the game looking for a clue – I don’t do Channel 9 Footy Show as it is like a baboon throwing his own faeces on my TV screen and the remote is my Kleenex. Anyway, I watch and listen hoping some “expert” will have the answers, and the only thing that dawns on me is I have been doing this for years.We have changed coaches, scrubbed the Board and gone broke nearly more times than Lawrence has scored this year.Yes, I know we have a young team, I understand we have developing halves and I know it takes time.But you know what else I know, the longer the fuse the bigger the bomb! This is me exploding.

Do I think we can beat Souths, no I don’t. I have watched us play the last month and it has been woeful, even when we have a massive lead (e.g Canberra) we lose. Even when we have a team on the ropes we somehow lose.

So my tip, my one lonely way to speak the truth – my tip is Souths will win. If you think I should “tip with my heart” your welcome to those lovely sentiments, but this is not a game of Hearts, save that for when you alone on the computer with no internet on some crap domestic flight.

It is a game of passion, bravery and pride. I am a proud Tigers fan, and I am passionately pissed off, and I feel brave to state it, against what repercussions might come.

Now – Laurie, Friday night comes, and I sit down on the edge of the couch, dog at feet and heater not far away. Laurie, do reckon once I will cheer the cardinal and myrtle foe. No. Not bloody once, and I can only pray, by the graces of the old gods and the new, or the god of light or whoever that for once I can cheer the Tigers home, I lose my tip and next week I am back on the wagon.

Right now – can’t see it.

So my tip Laurie, please take it as a lonely vote of protest. Protest against a issue for which I do not know the cause. Protesting not against the players, the coach or the Establishment, just a protest that we are not winning, have not won in ages and I want one.

If it not next week it better be against Manly.

So punter, in Laurie’s absence you judge me. Would you ever tip against the Tigers?