The Halfback and Forth – It’s gone Farah ’nuff

What interesting times we find ourselves in! I never would have thought that this time yesterday, I’d be having to write a blog on the potential departure of Robbie. I’m going to start off by saying that I absolutely believe that right now, it’s what needs to happen and is a good move for the club.

Over the last few weeks, it’s become apparent to me that Farah’s best years are potentially behind him. Over the last three weeks Farah has averaged just 62 run metres, has made 5 errors, 2 penalties and averaged 73 kick metres. To his credit, he has made a bunch of tackles but some of his penalties and errors have come at crucial points of the games and he just looked flat on the weekend. To me it felt like this year was probably the first time that I was willing to admit that it seemed like Farah had made Origin more of a priority than the Club and I think it’s showing at the end of the season.
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